Friday, 11 August 2017

4th Annual Golden Mic Sessions

Golden Mic Sessions is a music and art event hosted annually since 2014. It is a platform for upcoming artists where they can showcase their talents while being empowered through motivation and development, the event equips upcoming artists with skills and knowledge on how to live positively and using creativity to capture their dreams and seizing opportunities that surround them. It is an alcohol free event that is aimed at stimulating and rejuvenating the minds of our youth and promotes creative thinking and expression. The event is about providing an opportunity for upcoming artists to gain exposure as well as bringing major national entertainers as a way of encouraging cooperation and working together of our youth in promoting drug and alcohol free society.

The 4th Annual Golden Mic Sessions event will see a participation of more than 50 artists sharing the stage in a showcase of skills and talent, the event is also about guiding and preparing the youth of Soweto for life and its possibilities, equipping them for a meaningful and successful living in a rapidly changing and transforming society, creating a dialog between the youth through music and arts and also promoting the fundamental values embedded in our constitution such as democracy, social justice & equity, equality, non-racism & non sexism, Ubuntu, an open society, accountability, respect, rule of law and reconciliation.